Pre-build Or custom designed Websites

If you're looking for a website design, then look no futher. C-Webdesigner provides WordPress website templates and according to her already satisfied customers, creates customized WordPress webdesigns with a unique blend of creativity & professionalism.

C-Webdesigner benefits

All You'll Ever Need is Right Here​


A solid foundation, on which can then build flexibly using WordPress (management system).

Super Fast

Not only is it super fast to set up if you choose a pre-build website, but the templates as well as the custom-made websites are also made for speed. 


Not only will your website be fast, but the pre-build template as well as the custom-made websites will be optimized for tablets and smartphones (responsive).


You have the freedom to change the design & customize everything of the templates as well as the custom-made website easily. No coding knowledge necessary!


The findability of your website in search engines can be crucial. Therefore, you have the option to choose to have your website SEO-proofed.


What is affordable? That depends essentially on its value, right? Nonetheless, C-Webdesigner services are available for any budget, from low-cost landing pages to a full, custom made website.

C-Webdesigner Service

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

Even though making and changing a website today is easier than ever, we can imagine that you still want to spend your time doing the things you love. That’s why we offer the service of creating a pre-built template as well as a custom-made website in your own (house) identity and deliver a completely functional website which can also be SEO-Proof.

start-up entrepreneur

Bring your Business to Life Instantly

For every entrepreneur starting a business, the question is not if, but when a website should be created. We create WordPress websites for your business that reflect your brand and showcase your products or services. However, for many starters, it’s not clear in advance how that process will go. It is often thought that the webdesigner arranges everything and gives a signal when everything is online. But the reality is that the starting entrepreneur has an important role in the process.

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Custom designed websites

A unique designed website for a unique customer

No two people or companies are the same. Each has its own identity, concept, product and/or service. This can be expressed in the design through a unique custom website and this is exactly what we offer. A customized WordPress webdesign that is creative, professional and tailored to your needs which can also be SEO-Proof. We have many satisfied customers who came before you and what we always hear is how wonderful and creative the websites are.
Don’t just take our word for it and check out what previous satisfied customers had to say.



C-Webdesigner service Workflow

Detailed process

Our detailed process ensures goals are met and expectations are exceeded.

1. first contact

During our first contact we will ask you what your end goal(s) is/are and what your wishes are. We will also talk about which is the most suitable service for your needs.

2. first meeting

During the online (zoom-) meeting, we will present a proposal, including an appropriate offer. that’s designed to meet your end goal(s) and is as closely aligned with your needs as possible.

3. Preparation phase

When you agree to the plan of action and the offer, we will start preparing the website. This includes a domain and hosting, but also the technical preparation of the website. During this phase we would like to receive input for the website such as your logo, text, photos and possibly videos.

4. Design & Building Phase

During this phase we will work on the design & build of the website. How long this will take us depends on the size of the website. We’ll give an indication after we’ve had the full input.

5. first delivery / Second delivery

During the first delivery we check the entire website and there is space to indicate any desired modifications. If any adjustments are needed, we will plan a second delivery based on the amount of adjustments.

6. Launch Party

When everything is to your satisfaction after the second delivery, we launch the website on the desired launch date.

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